U.S. North Korean Sanctions

U.S. Congress slaps North Korea with more sanctions

On 04 May 2017, the U.S. House of Representatives approved the Korean Interdiction and Modernization of Sanctions Act (H.R. 1644). This latest salvo of U.S. sanctions against North Korea aims to thwart Pyongyang’s advancing nuclear and ballistic missile programs. The sanctions target North Korea’s shipping industry and use of slave labor. The approved bill has now moved to the U.S. Senate, who must now approve the restrictive measures.

OFAC Black-Lists North Korean Individuals & Entities following Nuclear Test September 2016

On 02 December 2016, OFAC issued nuclear and anti-proliferation new sanctions against North North. OFAC black-listed 16 entities, 7 individuals and blocked 16 aircraft identified to be linked to black-listed, i.e. designated entities. New sanctions follow the UNSC sanctions regarding North Korea’s nuclear tests in violation of numerous UN Security Council resolutions. The black-listed parties are deemed to be involved and/or linked to North Korea’s ongoing nuclear weapons proliferation program. Targets of the U.S. measures include officials and commercial organizations from the energy, financial and services, mining and transportation industries.