German Export Controls Regulator BAFA publishes Jan/Feb 2017 News Letter

Although I have never directly blogged on German export controls, I think its time to give some attention to the German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA).  See link to the BAFA’s newsletter Jan/Feb 2017. The newsletter itself does not contain anything special, expect a regurgitation of EU regulatory updates or amendments. 

The Reichstag building,Norman Foster Reichtagskuppel, seat of the national Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany. Getty Images/ A. Berry

However, given where Brexit is going, Germany must now be seen as the most important EU member, whereby it’s say on export controls/sanctions will have significant impact on EU security related trade controls policies. 

If one agrees with this point of view or not, its worth reviewing the BAFA website – which unlike most governmental German websites, has a readable English version. 

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