Finally, U.S. considers reimposing sanctions against Myanmar/Burma

Finally, the U.S. Government is considering to reimpose sanctions against the Burmese/Myanmar regime in the face of the violence used against the Rohingya minority. As I have reported earlier, the most recent violence committed in the Rakhine State against the Rohingya, is another illustration that the U.S. should not have lifted its sanctions regime against the Asian country. 

More than 600,000 members of the minority Muslim group have fled across the border into Bangladesh Photograph: Zohra Bensemra/Reuters

Having visited the country twice, I find it incredible that the level of violence used against innocent people. It’s also disappointing that the former Nobel Peace winner Aung San Suu Kyi has until now been unable to stop the use of disproportionate violence. 

Whether the re-imposition of sanctions, especially if these are not supported by China and other key U.S. allies, will help the fledgling democracy remains to be seen. However, the perpetrators of the violence should be brought to account. 

In the earlier-cited statement, the U.S. Government is considering the following, in addition to existing restrictions concerning the U.S. long-standing embargo on all military sales:


  • Since August 25 [2017], U.S. has ceased consideration of JADE Act travel waivers for current and former senior leadership of the Burmese military;
  • U.S. is assessing authorities under the JADE Act to consider economic options available to target individuals associated with atrocities;
  • Pursuant to the Leahy Law, we find all units and officers involved in operations in northern Rakhine State to be ineligible to receive or participate in any U.S. assistance programs;
  • U.S. has rescinded invitations for senior Burmese security forces to attend U.S.-sponsored events;
  • U.S. is working with international partners to urge that Burma enables unhindered access to relevant areas for the United Nations Fact-Finding Mission, international humanitarian organizations, and media;
  • U.S. is consulting with allies and partners on accountability options at the UN, the UN Human Rights Council, and other appropriate venues; and
  • U.S. is exploring accountability mechanisms available under U.S. law, including Global Magnitsky targeted sanctions.

Sadly, to be continued….. 

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