EU export controls

EU Extends Russia Sector Sanctions for ongoing crisis in Crimea & Sevastopol until mid 2017

On 15 December 2016, as predicted, EU leaders agreed to extend their sector sanctions against Russia until mid-2017. The target of EU sanctions will focus on the Russian defense, energy, and financial sectors. Its expected that the restrictive measures will be formalized this coming week. The extension of sanctions, which was agreed with the U.S., are a result of the ongoing crisis in the Crimea and Sevastopol.

EU Amends Dual-Use Regulation 428/2009

EU Amends Dual-Use Regulation 428/2009 As reported earlier, the European Commission (CiE) has amended EU dual-use Regulation 428/2009. The amended dual-list of export controlled items have been published in Delegated Regulation 2016/1969.  On 12 September…