Canvassing the Brexit Painting: post-Brexit sanctions regime outlined

On 02 August 2017, the UK Government published the post Brexit sanctions regime. This follows the public canvassing and the earlier reported White Paper on the subject.  

It’s clear that the UK wishes to steer its own course by clearly separating an unilateral sanctions regime and the sanctions regime authorized by the United Nations Security Council. This arguably a continuation of the current EU sanctions regime. Interesting will be to see how the UK defines what a UK nexus is (how it will apply extra-territorial jurisdiction to post Brexit sanctions). 

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor canvising a painting of union jackThe White Paper is a welcome; although I consider it a canvass for UK post Brexit sanctions landscape. The Brexit negotiations have still a way to go, thus a lot of gaps still have to be plugged.

For one thing, the UK post Brexit sanctions regime, to be effective, will have to take the economic relationship with the EU into account – a hard Brexit or not. Secondly, its too soon to see how the UK’s post Brexit foreign security policy will relate to existing EU CFSP

It will be interesting to see whether the UK regime will align itself with the CFSP be stricter or be more flexible vis-a-vis its old EU partners… 

To be continued. 

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